Frequently asked questions

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How do I run or test my program?

Once your blocks are all connected, your program is available for testing in real time. The yellow event block you chose to start your script determines what event will need to occur for your program to run. For example, if you chose the green flag event block, you’ll need to tap the green flag button on the top right of the screen to run your program.

How do I know my program is running?

When you run your program, you’ll see a yellow line highlight your blocks. If you don’t see this, or if your program doesn’t seem to be working, make sure all your blocks fit together and that Jibo is still successfully connected to the Be a Maker app.

When does Jibo start to execute the blocks?

Once connected to Jibo, blocks in the programming area are available for execution in real time. So every change is available immediately, just remember that the scripts will be triggered by events, and those events need to happen before code execution.

What is a script? Can I create more than one script per project?

A script is a set of connected blocks. A project can have one or more scripts. A script typically starts with a “Hat” type block from the Events section

How do I stop a script from running?

A single script cannot be stopped in multi-script projects, but you can stop all scripts by clicking on the red stop icon in the top right corner of your screen.

Can I use any email to log into Be a Maker?

Be a Maker uses your Jibo account credentials, so only the Owner in the loop can log into Be a Maker.

What programming language does Be a Maker use?

Be a Maker is based on the open-source Scratch programming language.

What’s the checkbox next to a variable?

In the Open-source scratch platform, clicking the variable checkbox will select to display the variable value on the Scratch stage while your program is running. This stage is where the commands from the blocks take action in Scratch. As Be a Maker uses Jibo instead of a stage, the variable value is not shown.

Can I make Jibo say a numeric variable?

Currently Jibo’s “say ()” block, will only accept strings, but if you use a “join () ()” block you can put numerical reporter blocks inside it and then the “join () ()” block as a reporter in the “say ()” block. Only blocks with similar shapes can fit together, so the trick is to find a combination of blocks that work together.

How can I see the value of a variable?

If you want to know the value of a variable, just tap the desired block and its value will be shown briefly.

How do I save my project?

First, click the “Edit” button at the top right corner of your screen and give your project a name. Then just click on the “Save” button next to “Edit.”

Can I reopen a saved project?

Click on the hamburger help menu in the top left of your screen, and then click on “Projects.” This will take you to your project library where you can open and edit any previous project.

How do I delete a project?

Click on the hamburger help menu in the top left corner of your screen. Tap the desired project and click the trashcan icon to delete it.

Can I edit a saved project?

Yes, you just need to load it from the Project section and continue working on it.

Is there the possibility to “save as” for a project so I can keep working on a project and still be able to load an earlier version?

As for now there is no way to duplicate a project or “save as…” but this is one of the features that we would like to see in future versions of the app.

A multiple script project is not working properly

When using multiple scripts on a project, there may be some issues. Especially if you have blocks that use similar features. For instance, if one script uses “play sound” and other uses Jibo’s “say” both will try to access Jibo’s speaker and that would cause a conflict.

Can I copy and paste blocks or parts of my script?

At this time, there is no way to duplicate blocks in Be a Maker, but adding the this feature is planned for future updates.

How do I get rid of a block I have added?

To remove a block or a group of blocks from the working area, just click and drag them back to the blocks palette on the left hand side of the screen.

Why doesn’t Jibo respond to “Hey Jibo” while I’m using Be a Maker?

While using Be a maker, you’ll notice that Jibo is not himself. This is because you’re in control - Jibo leaves his character behind to give you a blank slate to program. In this state, Jibo's light ring will appear magenta and his voice will sound slightly altered. Jibo will not respond to "Hey Jibo" and cannot converse with you as he normally would. To get Jibo back to his normal mode, simply quit the app, or hold your hand on Jibo’s head for a few seconds.

Why does Jibo disconnect when I touch his head?

The block “when head touched” will work if you tap Jibo’s head lightly. If you hold his head for longer than a second, Jibo will quit out of the Be a Maker skill.

Jibo doesn’t recognize anyone when I use the “number of people” block

If your surroundings are very dark or very bright, or if there’s anything blocking your face, Jibo may have a hard time recognizing you.

● Make sure to remove the plastic cover from Jibo's screen. It can block his cameras.

● Make sure the room is well-lit, but without any bright lights pointed directly at Jibo’s screen.

● Make sure your hats/glasses aren’t shadowing your face too much.

My project isn’t playing/my code doesn’t work, what should I do?

Make sure that Jibo is properly connected to Be a Maker. Disconnecting and reconnecting might solve the issue.

The Be a Maker App is frozen, what should I do?

We recommend to first force-close the app. If Jibo stays connected (purple LED ring and purple dot on screen) just tap Jibo’s head for more than a second. Then follow the connection process as usual.

I believe there is an issue with one of the scratch blocks, is this a problem with Be a Maker or is this sometimes expected with Scratch?

Be a Maker uses the latest version of the Scratch Open-source programming language. This new version is still in Beta, meaning that there may be issues.

Jibo is no longer connected to Be a Maker but the Be a Maker app is still showing my project, what should I do?

Sometimes, especially after some idle time, Jibo might disconnect from the Be a Maker App. To reconnect, go to the App menu and click on “Disconnect.” This will exit the block editor and bring you back to the connection screen. There you should be able to reconnect to Jibo and continue using the Be a Maker app.

Why aren’t Jibo’s dances working properly?

Jibo sometimes gets confused when you program him to do specific dances or too many dances in a row. This is a known issue and we are working to fix it in future updates. For now, if Jibo is performing unexpectedly, you can stop his routine by tapping the red stop sign icon in the top right of your screen.

Jibo is not performing the blocks I want him to.

Usually, you can test out a block by tapping on it in the blocks palette - Jibo will act out the specific block you tapped. However, sometimes Jibo gets confused if you tap on the blocks too quickly or tap on multiple blocks at the same time. We recommend dragging your blocks into the center platform to create a script that Jibo can follow.

Why is Jibo showing a magenta light in it light ring and a magenta dot on the bottom right of his screen?

This happens when Jibo is being commanded instead of being himself. This also happens when you use the Commander App.

How do I learn more about Scratch?

There are lots of resources around the web that will help you. The official Scratch Wiki is a great place to start (